November 10, 2023

The 10 first dance wedding songs you haven’t heard a million times

First dance wedding songs

Table of Contents

Finding your unique first dance song

Your first dance as a married couple is a magical moment, and the song you choose should be as special as your love story. This article presents ten first dance wedding songs that are beautiful, unique, and not overplayed, perfect for making your first dance memorable and unique.

A hidden gem for every style

Whether you prefer romantic ballads, upbeat tunes, or something in between, there’s an underplayed song for every couple’s style. We explore a variety of genres, each offering a distinct mood for your first dance, ensuring you find a song that truly resonates with your personal taste.

  • “Lighthouse” by Patrick Watson – A hauntingly beautiful tune perfect for a couple seeking a song with depth and emotion.
  • “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine – This indie-folk song offers a unique blend of poetic lyrics and soft melody.

Contemporary songs for a modern twist

If you’re a couple who loves staying ahead of trends, this section is for you. We list modern songs that haven’t hit the mainstream wedding circuit yet, perfect for couples looking to add a contemporary twist to their first dance.

  • “Electric Love” by BØRNS – A vibrant and upbeat track for couples wanting a more energetic first dance.
  • “Holocene” by Bon Iver – For those who prefer a modern song with a serene and reflective tone.

Rediscovering classics with a fresh take

Classics are timeless for a reason, but there are hidden treasures that haven’t been played at every wedding. Here, we uncover classic songs that are often overlooked but hold the potential to make your first dance truly stand out.

  • “You Send Me” by Sam Cooke – A classic soul song that’s often overlooked but timeless for a first dance.
  • “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin – A vintage tune with a lively rhythm, ideal for a classic yet upbeat dance.

Indie tracks for an intimate first dance

Indie music often offers unique and emotive tracks that can perfectly encapsulate the intimacy of a first dance. This part of the article highlights indie songs that provide a heartfelt and personal touch to your special moment.

  • “Heartbeats” by José González – A soft, acoustic melody that creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere.
  • “Blood” by The Middle East – An indie gem with a gentle build-up, perfect for a heartfelt first dance.

Your perfect first dance awaits

Choosing your first dance song is a significant part of your wedding planning. It’s a chance to showcase your love story through music.

  • “The One” by Kodaline – A contemporary love song with meaningful lyrics and a touching melody.
  • “XO” by John Mayer (Beyoncé Cover) – A unique rendition of a popular song, giving it a new, fresh feel for your first dance.