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About us

Our focus is on making your wedding an unforgettable memory, we will work as a team by your side so you can feel a great atmosphere of collaboration.


We want to build a story and go hand in hand together planning that long-awaited day such as your wedding.

Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings Los Cabos was founded by a group of 3 brothers originally from Mexico City, since they were little they were influenced by their mother, since she is a specialist in creating dreamlike decorations and flower arrangements.

The company is set up in such a way that each of the brothers is responsible for a specific part of planning: Bibi, because she lives in San Lucas and given her experience in events, is in charge of running the logistics and offer their knowledge about venues and vendors; which makes her a Master Company Wedding Planner.

Ade is in charge of following up on customer leads and managing the agenda of the company. Due to his artistic training and his career in the world of design, Pablo is in charge of creating the concept and design of each wedding. In addition to executing social media being the Master Designer. 

We also have the work of 7 staff people who help us coordinate and produce dream weddings.

Being a family business with people specialized in each part of the planning and working together, we offer a comprehensive service to our clients.

We seek perfection to bring our clients’ vision to life for their event. Creating memorable experiences, taking care of each, detail and guiding the client to materialize their vision and style in their event. we don’t let them adrift with assigned personnel, but we take control of the wedding personally to ensure stress-free planning and a spectacular result.